Monday, June 15, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty

I heard about this challenge(wearing only skirts for 7 days). I didn't think it would be too hard because I wear skirts mostly anyway. What is fun is taking pictures everyday and doing my hair differently. Also my mother and sister are doing it with me. She is posting her pictures on her blog, "Here I Stand"

So here is Sunday...Day One

My close up. I did my hair very simply. I just blow dry it and straiten it on a low setting. I just cut five inches off for a summer look and really like finding things to do with it after having long hair for a long time. Sunglasses are also a really cute way to add to an outfit.

Full shot. I got my shirt on sale from Kohls department store. I like how loose it is on me yet I think still looks very nice. It is very comfortable and high so I don't feel exposed when I bend over. My skirt is an wide elastic waist knee length skirt from Old Navy.

I do wear heels sometimes but I feel like shoes like this are less distracting for Sunday morning, easier to walk in, and dressy at the same time. We got this pair for a very reasonable price at Wal Mart.

My best friends. This is right after we got home from church Sunday morning.

One Sunday a month we have an evening service. I wore the same skirt as I did that morning only chose a more casual shirt. I took parts of my hair and clipped them to the side so it would look a little different though you really can't tell in the picture. I chose flat black and white tennis shoes. Hope you enjoy looking at my pictures throughout the week.

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You look lovely Lydia.

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