Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Three


I got the shirt and the skirt on sale from different places. To make them go together I put a brown tank underneath. I do that allot because it's a great way to make your shirt come higher and helps bring your outfit together.

I had fun with this hair style. I've really liked the poof girls have been doing on the top of their head but I hadn't been able to get it to work until recently. I simply began to make a half up pony tail but with less hair so it would hold and began to clip it. When I liked it I sprayed about a pound of hair spray and it stayed all day.

About a year ago I probably would have been caught dead wearing an apron. Recently and since being 'in style' had become less and less important to me I've started wearing them when I serve or around the house for cleaning so I won't get my clothes dirty. I got this apron when I served at a wedding. I wore it because I was cleaning to get ready for a girl's Bible study we were having that evening. That was last night and it was wonderful.


Anonymous said...

you are so pretty! like the outfit

missylou said...

Awww, your apron is so cute. I love it! Did Angela Bryan make that? Looks like something she would do.

Lydia said...

and yes, Mrs. Missy, Mrs. Angela made it for her daughter's weddings.;