Sunday, June 28, 2009

Creation Museum

Today my family and I had to great opportunity of visiting the Creation Museum. It was wonderful. All of you should make an effort to go. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

Getting ready to leave.

These are my best friends...well we try to be. I'm oldest, 17. My sister Naomi is 14. My brother Daniel will be 13 next week! Miriam is 9 and Nathan is 3.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Seven

Saturday, the last day I'll be posting pictures. I really enjoyed doing it and will continue to wear skirts often. I hope many of you will do this 7 day challenge and I'll be sure to look at all your pictures. Remember as theses summer months come to fear the Lord and be mindful of our dress as we seek to please and honor God rather than ourselves(man).

I got my skirt from My shirt was from Old Navy. What was really exciting about this shirt was I saw it at the beginning of last summer for over $20. Later that year I went shopping and found this one on a sale rack for $4! Taking the time to go through last years stuff is so worth it!

My hair doesn't curl well but I try. I wanted to try something new.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Six


I worked as a secretary at our church again today. I tried to dress nicely but wore my hair up because I live in the south and it's REALLY hot here. It was fun and Mrs. Missy, the job is going great. I love it! Still I"m looking forward to next week being slower and just spending time with Mommy getting ready for vacation.

The skirt was from the Children's Gap store. The shirt is from Kohls. If you have not noticed I really like that store. The shoes are Old Navy.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Five


We bought this outfit at Academy Sports store.

Pay Less is my favorite shoe right now. They have all kinds of different styles in different colors. This week I have been trained as a secretary at our church and today I went in to practice again. Wearing shoes like this made me a little more formal and professional looking.

My sister taught me how to do this. It's really simple. Make a ponytail and then bring it up and fold it under.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Four


This skirt was bought at a second hand store and the shirt was on sale at Kohls department store.

I really enjoy doing my hair curly. My hair does not have much body or wavy on its own so I have to put lots of chemicals to get it to look like this but hot rollers help.

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Three


I got the shirt and the skirt on sale from different places. To make them go together I put a brown tank underneath. I do that allot because it's a great way to make your shirt come higher and helps bring your outfit together.

I had fun with this hair style. I've really liked the poof girls have been doing on the top of their head but I hadn't been able to get it to work until recently. I simply began to make a half up pony tail but with less hair so it would hold and began to clip it. When I liked it I sprayed about a pound of hair spray and it stayed all day.

About a year ago I probably would have been caught dead wearing an apron. Recently and since being 'in style' had become less and less important to me I've started wearing them when I serve or around the house for cleaning so I won't get my clothes dirty. I got this apron when I served at a wedding. I wore it because I was cleaning to get ready for a girl's Bible study we were having that evening. That was last night and it was wonderful.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Two

Alright, Monday, Day Two

My white skirt is just like the black one I wore Sunday which I bought also at Old Navy. The shirt was was from a second hand store. I've never really worn anything like it before and really enjoyed the way it brought in my waist.

My hair...I call this style a scruntchy bun. It's very easy. All you do is take your wet hair and pull it up and tie a rubber band around it. Use bobby pins to help hold it.
This isn't the best picture. What I do like so much about it is the fact that it is an easy way for days when i don't have time for anything else.

Monday afternoon I played in the backyard with my little brother and that night I had to babysit so i took a shower and changed into something comfortable and simple. This picture of my hair is kind of funny. It's my silly try at a french braid. I can't do them but I thought it still looked a little cute so went with it.

I got my skirt at:
The t - shirt was something I had from a youth event. I love t - skirts for casual events because they are modest and comfortable for doing whatever you want to do.