Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Greater Love

No Greater Love
My first nudge from you was so great,
I said to myself, “I can hardly wait.”
This tiny form inside of me-
I say over again, “Can this miracle be?”

The first time I held you- Oh what joy!
My first son; a baby boy.
Others came from far and near,
The star that night was, my, so clear.

Next thing I knew pattering feet went by,
You grew so fast I could cry.
I wish to hold you near forever;
Not to ever let you go- no never.

A boy of wisdom and of stature,
You could not have matured faster.
You were in favor with God and men;
I did not realize how soon this would end.

You became a man all too soon,
Fading from my grip like the waning moon.
You drew crowds to your side,
Not even in the wilderness could you hide.

You made me tremble when you came-
What had changed? You still bore the same name;
Why did some say, “The Messiah has come!”
While other hearts remained void and numb.

The miracles you did, things you said-
“Was it I who was misled?”
Perhaps my view of you was wrong,
You are so bold, so very strong.

But, oh, dear Son- you must be careful,
I am forever prayerful;
Don’t you see! They wish to kill!
It is your blood they wish to spill.

And spill blood they did,
From you all friends hid.
You died a death no criminal should,
Paid the price no other could.

However three days later I began to see;
You rose up in victory.
My human knowledge is so weak,
You have made my brokenness complete.

You are not mine to own,
It is for my sin you did atone.
What a hard and weary path I trod;
Until You became my Son,
My Priest, my Lord, my God.