Thursday, June 18, 2009

Seeking Modesty and Femininty Part Five


We bought this outfit at Academy Sports store.

Pay Less is my favorite shoe right now. They have all kinds of different styles in different colors. This week I have been trained as a secretary at our church and today I went in to practice again. Wearing shoes like this made me a little more formal and professional looking.

My sister taught me how to do this. It's really simple. Make a ponytail and then bring it up and fold it under.


missylou said...

Cute shoes, Gracie has some black ones. How's the training going?

Ellie Snider said...

I've been really enjoying reading your blog this week and seeing all your outfits!! For give me for not commenting before!

I really liked today's!! I think it was my favorite so far!! :)

Looking forward to more posts!! :D

SABLESUE ;-) said...

Love the Shoes and your hair. It seems like Ya'll shop at the same places my Mom and I like to shop at. Talk to you later, Sable ;D