Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who my Dad is makes me who I am

What’s it like being a PK (preacher’s kid)? This is to answer the question is my dad still a pastor. Yes he is. We will be celebrating our 15 years at our church within the month. We do belong to a denomination but that’s not what rules us. We base all our convictions on God’s word and I like to refer to us as Reformed Christian.
Often I like being a PK and sometimes I don’t. I’ll start with what I like.
1. Our standards are generally higher than others and it keeps me accountable. I get to meet some really neat people because it feels like my dad knows everyone. My sister and I work at our church so we get to talk with the staff and do jobs. We know where all the candy is and enjoy talking to everyone. I like seeing my dad preach every Sunday. He gets to choose his day off. He knows so much about the Bible we can give him a key phrase to a verse and he gives you a reference. He has an awesome memory. (Too bad I didn’t get some of it. Sadly I have about the same memory skills as a 40 year old. My sister often teases me that I’ll be senile by the time I’m 30)
2. I sometimes don’t like being a pk because our friends sometimes act weird around us. We go to someone’s house to watch a movie and their parents freak out over every part and start fast fording things you know they don’t usually do. Lots of people expect us to be the “good kids” which can be a good thing and challenge you if you take it right. My dad had to carry so many others problems and this sometimes affects the way he acts when he comes home in the evenings.
There are good and bad just like every other job. I guess I’m thankful for it. What better thing for my dad to do than serve God in his work? Because of who he is and how he affects my life I am who I am.

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Maiden of Purity said...

I never saw it from that perspective before, however, it makes total sense! I'm not a pk so I don't know how it is. But, I do respect the ones who are, however, I don't treat them any different. My friend Kalani used to be one, and we are still great friends! Acting like normal around each other! That's a great post Lyida!


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