Friday, August 29, 2008

Family (siblings) Good Times

Ok, I must admit as I started my list of things I am thankful for about my siblings at first all I did was stare at a blank screen as a line blinked at me. But it still works. Over the past few days I have felt much better attitudes in our home. NO, it is not even near perfect and we (I) have a long way to go. But remember your siblings will be with you the rest of your life. Maybe you won’t live near each other and maybe your contact will be much less than it is now. However they will always be related to you. Out of all the people in the world they are the closest to you. They know what makes you happy or sad or what ticks you off. They know your habits and who you really are. That can be scary.
And admit it if you try you can have a lot of fun together. Try to have fun with them when you can. Play Apples to Apples or hide and seek. If they are younger than you like mine are than it’s a great time to drop the way you act to impress your friends and just be a like a (mature) kid again. Have some fun with them. Look for opportunities to go places together. I understand sometimes that can be embarrassing. Sometimes my whole family goes to the mall together and my sister and I just want to put a sheet over our head and drag our feet so we are far away from them. Don’t do that. Make people believe that you are so glad they are right beside you.
And let me tell you, little siblings are so easy to impress. Try saying some really silly and corny joke and watch them laugh. It can really be fun. You just have to try.

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Luke said...

How we treat our siblings is how we are going to treat our future family.

I cheer you on!
May the Lord be with you always.z