Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family (siblings)

Every month I would like to have a theme for my blog to write about. This month I would like to do family. I hear the average teen spends very little time at home and very little time with their family.
I’m not average in that I’m homeschool and spend everyday at home with my family. But just because I or you other homeschoolers spend time with them doesn’t mean it’s good time. I know a lot I’d like to just get out of the house and away from my two younger brothers and sister. But I have come to really see they want more than anything to spend time with me. I’m their big sister and they just want a little of my attention. I’m sure your younger siblings do too.
So what do most teens do on their Saturday? Sleep till noon, then watch tv. Let’s break that habit, for our own good. If you want to be a responsible adult one day you can’t act like all the other teens. This morning I started my own suggestion. I woke at seven and had my devotions and worked on the computer. Later I went outside to find my two year old brother crying because he had slipped into a mud puddle and didn’t like it. I started playing with him and soon he was laughing at the mud. We covered ourselves with it and he had so much fun. He smiled really big at me and said, “Le Le, we’re playing games!”
I spent about an hour playing with him and it was worth it. Try sacrificing some of your Saturday and spend time with someone in your family.

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