Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Family (siblings) beyond hard

Recently my sister and I had to take over the house because my mom got very sick. We had never done anything like this before and we went from doing simple chores to taking over the whole house. We cleaned and cooked and did pretty well. (If you don’t believe me you could ask my parents.) They praised us and thanked us. All the first morning my sister and I couldn’t stop staying how much we loved taking care of our own home and how we couldn’t wait to be married. We spoke too soon. Before we knew it we were angry, very angry. My 2 year old brother was in to everything and wouldn’t stop fussing or crying. Then when you thought he had found something to keep him happy you turn around and find him (real to life example) dumping cans of live worms all over the garage floor. Pouring a brand new bottle of body gel on our bedroom carpet. Throwing food off his tray…. Again. And again we would have to spank his little bottom and he would say sorry then go do it again. My other sister who is 8 was always fighting with someone. She was complaining that she was sick too but then you’d see her hoping around and playing until you asked her to do something. But my 12 year old brother was the worst. Nothing we did was good enough and no matter what we asked him to do he’d say no or he made the other little ones mad.
You can imagine our defeat and anger. We were so upset we couldn’t even speak a kind word to them. It carried over into the next days and last night our mom came in our room and shared a story about her something from her early married life. She said that our Papa really irritated her shortly after they were first married by leaving his stuff all over the house and not keeping things neat. So after a while she felt led by God to pray and make a list of everything she was thankful for about him. Slowly the list grew and one day she wasn’t so irritated anymore and he was even picking up after himself. (ps. they have a great marriage now)
She told us to do the same thing for our siblings. Last night we were both too mad to even think about it. This morning, after a lot of battle with my flesh, I am preparing to make a list and trusting God to work in my heart. I can’t go on in my Christian walk with such anger towards others in my house so I am going to work hard. I don’t want to forgive many of them but the last few days have been miserable so…. I need God to help me change things and I’m starting today.
“And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful." Colossians 3:15

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