Thursday, October 16, 2008

His Number by Janet Carlton

I can't remember where but my sister and I found this poem on another blog and loved it so much I wanted to share it. It's words are so sweet and such a dear promise to girls who commit their future to God's hands.

While waiting
As a bride-to-be
I heard God firmly speak to me
To cast aside the world’s device
And become a living sacrifice
Namely, that my womb should bear
The ones He planned to cradle there
And that no humanistic creed
Should limit my fertility.
Oh, how I wrestled with that word-
So unusual,
So absurd!
Could God?
Would God take control?
And what would His requirements hold?
After much debate and doubt
I threw my own decisions out;
If God can measure earth and sea,
Can He not chart a family?
And if He names and numbers stars
Then in His book is each of ours.
We therefore gave to Him the right
To build the house and take the charge.
A mother now
With nine on hand
By faith and grace I have no plan
But cast aside the things that kill
To let His number be fulfilled.


Maiden of Purity said...


That is so beautiful. Wow, what a beautiful poem. I do believe children are a blessing and should be numbered by the Lord. He's the one who will be in control for me. That's wonderful that you posted that up, sadly so many Christians do have a problem with this. :(

Love, Vanessa

Charlie said...

Awesome poem!

hannah elizabeth said...

aww i love this poem!!

Melody said...

Hi Lydia,
You don't know me. I found you blog kinda randomly. But anyway, I really loved the poem. More Christian girls need to take that stand in their lives. We need to stop letting culture define our family size. So ya, hope you don't mind me being on your blog. If you want you can check mine out.
In Christ,