Monday, October 20, 2008

D- Now

This weekend we had a youth event called D-Now or (disciple now) We got to go to host homes, our house was one for girls. We had teaching, games, and went to a couple's house in our church and cleaned their yard. The teaching was about sharing your faith and was really good. The college group is the one who set everything up for us and I want to say a big thank you.

one of my best friends Hannah and my sister Naomi at the work sight. I love the gloves in their back pockets.

all three of us

this is a shot of our group. It might be hard to tell but my sister and I are in the back. She had sunglasses and my head is turned sideways.

this was our band. They led us in some cools songs. Thank you.

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hannah elizabeth said...

aw i love the pic of me and naomi with the gloves!!
i had so much fun with both of yall this weekend!