Monday, February 2, 2009

New Blog

I really hate that I haven't been posting. God's been doing so much and there is so much to say and I had a post all together but found it might be offensive to many of you (as what my family has been learning is very anti what the world teaches about women) and I really didn't feel like getting in an internet argument again. So I'm working on something else for now.

New Blog...

Well, it really isn't new. I redid my picture blog and decided to make it a blog about clothing and modesty. I'll most likely be working on my new blog more than day by day for awhile.
I want to post pictures and goals on dressing more modestly. I hope you'll all check it out.

In His Name, To God be forever glory,


Anonymous said...

I will!!

Kalani said...

It's so nice seeing a family picture! I look forward looking at your new blog!

CardsByEmily said...

What a sweet picture!
I am sure that the post you had ready was a great one. You can email it to me if you'd like. All of the principles that you have shared about women so far have been very inspiring. It has been refreshing to see someone my age who is so strong in her faith, and who encourages others to be strong as well. I look forward to seeing the new blog when you have it ready!

Have a wonderful week,

Lydia said...

Hi emily, i'd love to email you. if you could give me your email address i'll do that and I won't publish it so only I'll be able to see it. thank you.